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Personalised Assessment Calendars

As you add your courses, you can also add credits to these and map the assessment dates on the calendar so both your staff and your students can see at a glance when they have an assessment coming up. 

Teachers and Admin Staff:

Set up assessment dates per class or for a range of classes by selecting a standard and date (or date range).
Subject teachers can set assessment dates against standards for classes they are teaching, students and caregivers can follow and subscribe to calendars to see exactly what and when they are studying and when their assessments are set.

- Connect your Google Account to pull Google Classroom posts directly to your Calendar.

Students and Caregivers:

In SchoolPoint's Assessment Calendar module, Students have the ability to add daily notes on their assessment Calendar.

Each day on their Assessment Calendar will show any Assessments they have for that day, the School Status (Open/Holiday/Staff Only) and any notes.

To add a note, the student will see an Add Note button, they can enter thier notes, links or other information and optionally tag it to a class and set a follow up date in the future.

Setting a follow up date will mean that note will show both on the original date, and on that future date.