KAMAR Direct Sync

SchoolPoint saves your school time and money by reducing the amount of manual administration throughout the entire timetabling cycle. All the relevant KAMAR data including course names, course codes, student and staff information are automatically transferred to SchoolPoint. During the course registration period, SchoolPoint uses that data to make the registration process easy for students while requiring very little administrative work from your team. At the conclusion of the registration period, course selections are seamlessly synchronised back into KAMAR to populate your timetable.

Vocational Pathways

Information, about how courses have unit standards and vocational pathway information from NZQA here.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate reports by year level, tutor class or zero in on at risk students who have yet to select a desired number of courses. We use easy to download Excel files that you can browse, format and graph data. There are also export formats that import directly into KAMAR.


SchoolPoint is a hosted solution running over a secure SSL connection, so your school's and your student's data is always fast, secure and accessible.

Studens, Caregivers and Staff can always login with their KAMAR/Network login details.

Course Pathway Selector Features

SchoolPoint integrates directly into your KAMAR web portal to allow for consistently up to date student login information, or if you do not have access to the KAMAR Parent Portal (we can help you with that), you can use another SMS. We provide full CSV import functionality to manage your active students.