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SchoolPoint Mobile App

SchoolPoint includes a free mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices. 

Students and Caregivers can download our free app and use their same login information to access SchoolPoints features.
Once connected, you will see against the Student and Caregiver if they have an app and then you can include free Push Notifications with their communication. 

SchoolPoint STREAM and Push Notifications.

Use SchoolPoint STREAM to send notifications to groups of students and caregivers.
When you push a stream message out, you can choose from individual students, KAMAR Groups, Careers Groups, Year Level and/or subject classes. 

You then enter a message that will display on the Students Start screen, be included in their weekly summary email and sent via a push notification which will open in the SchoolPoint app. 

SchoolSite and the SchoolPoint mobile app

For Schools with their website by Inbox Design you can use our Emergency Alert system to add banners across your website, this can be drills or real scenarios when you need to effectively communicate with your community.
With the Alert system, you can use SchoolSend to email your Students/Caregivers with our lists directly syncronised from KAMAR and you can also send PUSH Notifications to users with the SchoolPoint app or TEXT/SMS messages. 

SchoolBridge and the SchoolPoint mobile app

If you're using our SchoolBridge product to send out digital permission slips you can also send Permission Slip Push Notifications to Students and Caregivers with thr SchoolPoint app, and they will be redirected to respond to that permission slip from the app.

These are just some ways your School, Students and Caregivers can use the SchoolPoint mobile app.

Download the free SchoolPoint app:

Get it on Google Play

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