NZQA Moderation

In SchoolPoint, you can export 12 random students from all classes which relate to a specific standard and timetable.

Moderation List:

In the SchoolPoint administration it's as easy as clicking on the Moderation menu item from the left navigation bar, and entering the standard to moderate.  

You can then preview and export 12 completely random students’ information who have been entered on that standard.

Users can remove moderation record if they have manage_moderation or careers_advisor or remove_moderation permission.

Search Moderation

You can search a  standard number eg 90944 and SchoolPoint will display standard information and list previous moderation records if they have been generated.

Create New Moderation

If there’s not any record relating to this standard in the current year, the system will show a “Moderation” button.

Click the “Moderation” button and SchoolPoint will make a new moderation record for this standard this year.

Schoolpoint Moderation Example

Schoolpoint Moderation Example

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