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Integration with the KAMAR Parent Portal

You can add a link in to your KAMAR Parent Portal that will safely redirect your Students and Caregivers to SchoolPoint, this will log them in if they are already logged in, and you can rename the link to match the name or purpose that your school is using SchoolPoint for, for example, if you are running both Subject Selection and a Parent Interview over the same period, you can have the custom links, one named "SchoolPoint", one named "Subject Selection" and the last named "Parent Interviews".


It's easy to add the custom pages, then enable them as you would normally enable other pages on the portal.

Visit your Schools portal, eg once loaded, go to the admin configure screen and log in.
Note: You may need your technician to log you in, or create you an account. This is not your normal KAMAR login.
Once logged in, click on the Content menu on the left, then scroll to below your current content table and you will see the SchoolPoint installation button.

Click install, then enable for Public, Student, Residence and Residence B options.
Then remember to click SAVE.