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It is our second year of using SchoolPoint here at St John's College, cannot rate it highly enough, well worth the yearly cost for what it brings to us in terms of accuracy, organisational efficiency and the quality of information that can be delivered to ensure that students are in a position to make informed decisions. As it integrates with Kamar there are some great features too - eg SchoolPoint knows students current courses this year, so can only display certain courses based on certain subjects being completed this year (prereqs ...). You can also set up scenario's - a student cannot do this and this etc......
Have a look at out implementation of SchoolPoint.

Dominic Tester - St John's Hamilton

A BIG thanks from me to you and everyone in your team, our options process ran really well again this year. The support and ideas from you and your team was really helpful and appreciated.
Hoping that more HB schools can get on board, I always mention you when we are talking and say how seamless you make the process.

Ed & Shaye and everyone else at CHBC

This is an excellent website for organising courses. You have done great work

Hamish at St Paul's College

Since we have started using Inbox Design’s SchoolPoint Course Selection Software, the school now has a much more streamlined, student-friendly and cost-effective process (our last printed option book was 156 pages and cost $11,000 to print) which allows students and parent to browse and select their option courses.
The system is live, easy to administer and update and allows for a tailored interactive experience for the students and parents with links to relevant career and employment websites.
We have also worked with Inbox Design to create a Student Voice module which is simple and easy for staff and students to use and provides regular feedback to inform teachers about their students learning. 

Peter Jones - Manurewa High School