SchoolPoint Vocational Pathways

With Inbox Designs' online student course selector, NZQA Unit Standards are loaded against courses with Standards, Credits and Vocational Pathway information.

The Vocational Pathways provide new ways to achieve NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3 and develop pathways that progress to further study, training and employment - In SchoolPoint we list and chart these against the student course selections. Achieving NCEA Level 2 is the foundation for success in further education and the world of work. Level 3 builds upon this through shared opportunities across school, tertiary, and industry training. The Vocational Pathways provide a framework for students to show how their learning and achievement is valued in the workplace by aligning learning to the skills needed for industry. NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3 Vocational Pathways were launched in 2013/15 and SchoolPoint now includes this information. This was a result of government agencies, the industry training sector, secondary and tertiary representatives and industry and employer representatives working together. Each course has credits loaded from the NZQA website.



Vocation Pathways Rosette

The Six Vocational Pathways are:

  • Primary Industries
  • Services Industries
  • Social & Community Services
  • Manufacturing & Technology
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Creative Industries



Standards Summary

Below is an example of what will be shown for each student and how their subjects relate to the six pathways. Students and parents will then get an idea of where subjects may lead to and what interests the students may have

Vocation Pathways Kamar



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Vocational Pathways Award

This will be gained if a student:

  • Achieves NCEA L2
  • Achieves Literacy & Numeracty requirements at L1
  • Achieves 60 L2 credits from recommended standards including
  • At least 20 L2 credits from sector related standards