Assay Link and Student Data in SchoolPoint

We have now added a connection with Assay to provide a quick login directly for staff in SchoolPoint to jump in to Assay.

This release includes:

  • When viewing a student profile, the NCEA Results graphs will now show.
  • A new Assay button on your dashboard to jump staff into Assay.
  • Import Student Notes from Assay into SchoolPoint.
  • Students will also see these graphs with explanations (Early 2019 release).


How to Connect to Assay:
Login in to SchoolPoint, for administrations you will be able to visit the Settings => Assay page.
From there, enter your Assay URL (eg. ) and your Secure token.

You can find this token in Assay => Admin => Config => Authentication.

Setup Assay in SchoolPoint

How to Update:
SchoolPoint has already been updated. Login to see the new changes.

As always, if you have any questions use our support chat or phone us.