SchoolPoint Newsletter February 2020


Here at Inbox Design, we pride ourselves on answering your queries quickly and also continuously implementing feedback-driven development within SchoolPoint.

We listen to what works for you and where possible, make those changes to make your life easier.

Each month we will be sending newsletters out, and updating our SchoolPoint Website to keep you as a key user, abreast of what's new so you are aware of these changes as they are made live.

So what's new/ improved for the month of February 2020?

* Advanced Student Search - It is now easier to search students and also shows their photo.

* Moderation Coversheets- We have been liaising with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable DPs and HODs from around NZ and added Moderation coversheets to SchoolPoint. You can complete these/ submit to DP/ Print and Export all inside SchoolPoint rather than have to complete them on the NZQA website. Each department creates a new sheet for each standard. 

Simply click on MODERATION in the left menu => Search the Standard Number => Click on the open coversheet and complete the fields via mostly check boxes/ drop downs.

* Student Conferences- We have been making a lot of changes to these, and improvements. Many of our schools use these now. It is now possible to duplicate conferences which will hold all previous included data, and also the ability to book more than one time with the same teacher- this is helpful if the same teacher teaches multiple subject classes (there is a setting to turn off/on to allow this).

* Assessment Calendar - Used more and more by most of the schools we work with. You can now upload a .CSV file from KAMAR to save further manual labour involved when normally adding assessments to the calendar, or you can upload your own .CSV files. There is an Assessment Calendar Setting found in the Settings Menu to enable this.

*Student Navigation- In the Settings, you can now order the menu items that you want your students to be able to see in their main menu. This helps to reduce the amount of menu items they have to look through in order to find the most relevant pages for them. This can be changed by year level also.

Stay tuned for more improvements which will be included in the March 2020 Newsletter!