Here at Inbox Design, we pride ourselves on answering your queries quickly and also continuously implementing feedback-driven development within SchoolPoint.

We listen to what works for you and where possible, make those changes to make your life easier.

Each month we will be sending newsletters out, and updating our SchoolPoint Website to keep you as a key user, abreast of what's new so you are aware of these changes as they are made live.

So what's new for the month of November?

  • It's now easier for you course selecting students to see if they have already picked a course in the grid view. They will now see a tick for selected, or a star for favourited. This saves on double ups. 
  • Student Search/ History button- If you want to search to find a specific year level of students you can do so. Once you click into a student there will be a little photo and details of that student at the top right- instead of going back to search the next student, just click the arrows to switch to the next or previous student viewed.
  • The last couple of months, we have made several more reports and exports. You can find these under the Reports Section. They should cater to almost any scenario or data extraction you will ever need!
  • In the Student / SAC Conferences section- you can now export data to see who has and hasn't made their bookings.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Tracking and logging. This feature allows you to keep a note of serial numbers of devices loaned to students/ students own devices, track who has them when, and also keep details of warranties etc.

What's in progress or being fine tuned this month?

  • Halls of Residence- applications for leaving students made easy. Students will simply complete where they are intending to stay while they study and why, then select up to 5 staff to provide feedback/references, then their application will be ready to submit the Halls they are applying for.
  • Voting Module- allows Staff to create Ballots for voting such as for Head Prefect.
  • Alert System- this is in place but we are fine tuning this to make it even easier to contact your Staff, Students and/ or Caregivers in the event of an emergency, via SMS, Email and Website Alert Messaging.

Other SchoolPoint Improvements this year to date

SchoolPoint Careers:

  • Editable Student Details (by students and caregivers)
  • Including personal phone/email and drivers licence information
  • Online CV and Cover letter builders (PDF and Word)
  • Capture Values, Strengths, Skills and Goals.
  • Gateway and Trades enrolment
  • Halls of Residence/Referrals system (as above)
  • More features to come

SchoolPoint STREAM:

  • Post messages to students dashboard
  • Specify targets by Subject, KAMAR Group, Year Level, Staff or full School messages
  • Students can Like and Comment on messages (moderated)
  • Download the mobile app for alerts and notifications
  • Create conversations (chat) with Students and their caregivers - and receive notifications from the app

Pathway - Goals and Tasks:

This area has been extended to encourage Students to more actively set and complete their goals and now Staff and Caregivers can comment around each goal.

More reporting has been added in to export goals, tasks and conversations.

  • Request for "Leaving Destination" can now be turned on or off depending on year level, so you can request student's enter this before enabling them to select courses if you wish.
  • We have added a Priority Drop Down feature- If the option is selected in Course Selection settings titled  "Allow Students to set their selected courses priority" they can prioritise their non compulsory courses.

NEW features in SchoolBridge- Additions / In Progress

SchoolBridge is a collection of tools that help connect your school’s community. SchoolBridge helps your students, staff, caregivers and leadership team in sharing information and meeting administrative obligations, all based on the KAMAR data you already have.

  • Online EOTC Requests/Permission Slips- Calendar added to view who has what on and when- simplifies transparency when planning trips/ Staff Absences.
  • Student Switcher- to allow Caregivers to switch between siblings without the need to log out and back again.

Haven't signed up for SchoolBridge yet? Check out the features on our main website today!

Look out for our next Newsletter in December 2019- our Head of Department Report Builder will be set for release!

As always, please feel free to talk with us on the Live Chat, or email [email protected] with any further suggestions/ queries at any time. We value your input.