Create/Edit/View an Assessment Calendar for this year

You can set up an Assessment for Students and Caregivers to see.

Create and View your Assessment

=> Navigate to "Assessment Calendar" in the left hand navigation.

=> Select the "Add" button in the term and week that you would like to schedule this Assessment.

=> Complete the fields

=> Save Assessment

=> Your Assessment should now be visible on your calendar

NOTE: you can also now upload a .CSV file for KAMAR or own .CSV file to the assessment calendar via Settings=> Assessment Calendar Settings=> Upload Assessment Statement File.

Edit your Assessment

=> Click on the Assessment that you would like to edit in your calendar.

=> Your Assessment window should slide in for you to view.

=> Make your changes.

=> Save Assessment.

View your Assessment from the Students Point of View

=> Navigate to "Search Students" on the left hand side navigation bar.

=> Find your Student.

=> Select the Assessments Tab to the right of the Students image.