Covid- 19 (Coronavirus) Update 2 April 2020

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Printing Pathway Booklets & Format Options

When in the SchoolPoint Administration, if you go in to the Printing Section you can now select between the following formats; 


- Full Booklet, All Learning Area, Courses and Credit/Vocational Pathway information, nice and spaced out. 

- Compact Booklet - All Learning Area, Courses and Credit/Vocational Pathway information, jammed together for proofing. 


 By Year Level 

- Export just the courses available for selection by each year level


By Level

- Export course by the Level indicator against each course. 


By Learning Area

- Export courses by their Area/Department


You can toggle on/off printing of the Vocational Pathway credit information in these exports, by checking the toggle checkbox, then generating the report you want.

Displaying this VP information is great, but does take up a lot of room when printing, and is always available online. 


Allow Students/Caregivers to Export the PDF and ePub formats 

In your School Administration settings you can control if students and caregivers can view and generate the FULL Course Booklet, and ePub formats to read on their smart devices. 

Enabling this will add a link on the Student and Public profiles.