Enabling Student Course Confirmations

If you want to require your students to confirm their course selections at the start of each year you can now do this in SchoolPoint. 

Because of our close ties with KAMAR, specifically your schools KAMAR data, we can automatically retrieve each students timetabled courses and present them with a list when they log in. 

Students can easily confirm each course and/or write notes about each one. 

In the Admin you will see a list of students and their courses with notes. 

To Enabled Course Confirmations:

In the Administration, you will need full access and permissions to view the SETTINGS area. 

Go to the SETTINGS area and select COURSE CONFIRMATIONS.

From this screen you can require this per year level by changing the setting and clicking SAVE

The next time any student logs in, if they have not already confirmed their courses, they will be required to.

If you need any help, please use our support chat.