Setting up Tutor Teachers/Classes

Basic Steps: Setup your Conference => Manage your Tutor Teachers => Assign a Tutor Class

Allowing students to be able to see and select times for a conference can be setup when creating a Conference / when managing a Conference.

How to assign your Tutor Teacher to classes:

=> Navigate to "Student Conferences" in the left hand navigation.

=> Select "Tutor Teachers" in the side menu.

=> In this screen, you will be presented with all active Staff members from KAMAR.

=> Click on the "Sync from KAMAR" button on the top right - this will try match this for you, after which you are able to fill in any gaps.

=> Assign a Tutor Class to your Staff member.

=> Click the "Update" button.

Notes: Staff will not get notified of bookings each time one is made- they simply need to log in to see bookings made with them under their own names.

If a staff member's name appears twice in the list under the conference- it will be because they were manually added at some stage, possibly as a mentor. Just go in and click the red "REMOVE" button under the manually added line and they will only be there once and see only their conference.