SchoolPoint Mobile Apps

SchoolPoint offers a FREE app for Student and Caregivers to download for Apple iOS iphones and iPads as well as an Android app from thte Google Play Store.


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Alert Notifications:

When you use SchoolPoint STREAM you have the option to Send a Notification. This will alert all users with the app installed of that post notification and give them easy access to view it.

Great for fast alerts or broadcasts.

Enable this by enabling the STREAM Module from Settings => Modules.

You can also choose to send notifications on a range of other personalised areas such as student notes, Assessment Dates or one on one messages.

You can find out more about SchoolPoint STREAM here.


Persistent Login:

Users will be able to login to the app with their APP ID (From SchoolPoint -> Personal Details) and they will remain logged in on that device.

Robin Worrall 749755 Unsplash

Robin Worrall 749755 Unsplash

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