Post to your Student's Stream

Basic Steps: Log into SchoolPoint => Find your Dashboard => Send your post

Target messages to students, groups, subject classes or other staff members.

Receive feedback from students as they see the posts.


How to create a post:

=> Log into SchoolPoint

=> Navigate to your Dashboard by selecting your "Home" on the left hand side navigation bar

=> Type your message into the STREAM message box.

=> Any links will automatically convert to clickable links for students.

=> You can format and include images in your message.

=> Select the class or group and optionally click the 'Send Notification' checkbox.

Posting Stream To Your Class

Note 1: If notifications are enabled, then any students or caregivers will receive an alert on their app.

Note 2: Students will see this on their home page the next time they login.

=> Then click POST.

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Posting Stream To Your Class

Posting Stream To Your Class

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