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More features

Accessible Everywhere

SchoolPoint can be accessed from any web browser from any location, be it home, school or other institution.

Cloud Based

SchoolPoint is hosted by us and there are no servers to set up, configure or maintain.

Easy student login

Live login credentials with KAMAR, using existing usernames and passwords.


SchoolPoint talks directly with KAMAR, removing the need for manual data entry almost completely.


Use only what you need. Modules include: Course Selection, StudentVoice, Student/Teacher Conferences and Goals & Pathways. Use all of them for no additional cost.

Ignore Backups

All data is backed up online, there are no printouts to file and no emails to save.

Reports and Exports

SchoolPoint generates useful reports on the fly, in PDF, CSV & Excel - all the data you need.

Register Online

Register for SchoolPoint online in minutes with our easy set-up process.