Course Selection

SchoolPoint enables students to login using their KAMAR account and browse your curriculum learning areas, all of your courses, and future pathway choices, throughout the year. While exploring your curriculum and courses, students are supported in the decisions making process by detailed descriptions, images, video presentations and links to your LMS or related information. When registration opens, students are able to view all of the courses available for their next timetable year level, see descriptions, entry requirements, fees & equipment expenses, prerequisites and credit information. Students can also see their internal and external credits, literacy credits, Numeracy Credits and UE Literacy Credits.

Course Pathway Selector Features

Our software can integrate directly into your KAMAR web portal to allow for consistently up to date student login information, or if you do not have access to the KAMAR Parent Portal (we can help with that) or you can use another SMS. We provide full CSV import functionality to manage your active students.

Simple Course Selection

Our online course selection software is simple for students and caregivers to use, and fast for your administration staff and tutor leaders to load learning areas, courses and information.
We offer full reporting services that import directly into KAMAR for manipulation and reporting in Excel.

Vocational Pathways

View more information about how Courses have Unit Standards and Vocational Pathways Information from NZQA here.

More features

Define Required Courses

Ability to define the number of required course selections on a per year level basis.

Required Notes

Define on a course basis if notes are required when a student selects that course.

Customise Your Site

Append your School Logo or Crest to the application and PDF reports..