2018 Release Notes

Our 2018 release was the biggest to date!

=> We've been listening to your feedback and are streamlining more areas for:

<•>Easier course management,

<•>Informative Student Voice surveys and

<•>Student Achievement Conferences.


=> Faster - We have rewritten blocks of code that are 5+ years old to make them faster and smarter.

=> More KAMAR Integration - For new schools we can now import all of your Staff, Learning Areas and Courses right from KAMAR, you can now be up and running in less than 2 minutes.

=> Student Voice - We have now included more informative questions ie gender, ethnicity, tutor classes for valuable reporting.

=> Student Voice - Better permissions have been set along with ways to duplicate and reuse surveys and of course don't forget that email reminders to students are available

=> Assessments/Assessment Calendar - When setting up courses you can set assessment dates which will now be displayed for students when they are making their choices. This shows on a per course basis, and an overall Assessment Calendar area.

=> Student Career Notes and Pathway Notes - When a student first logs in each year they are asked if they are returning, if they select that they are not, then we capture where they are going and have reports for you in the Reports area.

 We now capture career plans and notes for all students. By enabling the Pathway module in your settings area, this assists students by having one area to plan school terms, holidays and track their goals.

=> Student Conference Bookings - The SchoolPoint SAC area is now fully featured to match any other system, We automatically map the students courses and teachers so when a student/caregiver logs in to make an appointment ,this is recorded.  New time and block management and better print-outs and reporting for staff are now available.

We value your feedback and support
Thank you for using SchoolPoint.