SchoolPoint Newsletter January 2020

Firstly, welcome back to another school year!

Here at Inbox Design, we pride ourselves on answering your queries quickly and also continuously implementing feedback-driven development within SchoolPoint.

We listen to what works for you and where possible, make those changes to make your life easier.

Each month we will be sending newsletters out, and updating our SchoolPoint Website to keep you as a key user, abreast of what's new so you are aware of these changes as they are made live.

So what's new/ improved in the month of January 2020?

  • Customisable Profile Menu- When you initially log back into SchoolPoint this year, you will be greeted with a “Welcome” page which allows you to customise the menu for your profile. You can choose to have this as it’s always been on the left side of the screen, or as a pop-out menu. 

  • Course Confirmations- We had a lot of requests to add a “Course Confirmation” option for staff and students. 
    You can now find this in the left hand menu. In order to require students to confirm their selected courses you need to have the right permissions, then go to the SETTINGS menu in the Admin side => Click Course Confirmations. Here you can then select by year level. Save the changes, and then when the student next logs in, the log in page will advise they must confirm all courses before moving on. They can select if they are happy with a course or add a note to query the course. The staff will then see who has confirmed their selections and notes about them, if added.

  • Results for Students- There is now an option to choose which results year the students can view- if you so wish to allow them to view these via SchoolPoint. General Settings => Student Results => "Select which Year students' results will be shown". Choose the appropriate year and students/caregivers will now be able to login to see the results once published. We are refining this to be able to show all years as we speak.

Stay tuned for more improvements which will be included in the February 2020 Newsletter!